Altamira Servicios de Infraestructura S.A. de C.V.

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In our Industrial Park, we offer comprehensive solutions that promote efficiency and sustainability. From raw and waste water treatment to an advanced electrical substation, our offering includes private security and access to natural gas. We are your strategic partner for responsible industrial development, providing services that increase the quality, safety and efficiency of your operation.


Altamira Servicios de Infraestructura, SA de CV or by its acronym ASISA, is a controlling company of an industrial complex located in the Municipality of Altamira Tamaulipas in Mexico.

Established in 2000, ASISA has a long-term vision. At ASISA we believe that the supplier-client relationship goes beyond real estate operations.

It is the constant interaction for the common achievement of favorable economic results for all parties. ASISA offers the sale or rental of industrial land for the installation of companies dedicated to the manufacturing of industrial products.

Specialized Infrastructure for Industries

It is our specialty to serve those industries mainly in the food and beverage, paper or pharmaceutical industries, that is, those that are not highly polluting.

ASISA has all the land use, water and industrial drainage licenses that make the installation of companies easier. At ASISA, what we want to achieve is for our clients to dedicate themselves 100% to their main activities and not to meeting their basic infrastructure needs.


Discover ASISA's strategic location, designed to offer convenient access to essential services and facilitate the installation of your company. Explore the map below to learn more about our optimal business environment.



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AV. Diseño Textil No. 3000, Colonia Ejido Santa Amalia, Altamira, Tamaulipas, México

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