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22 km from Tampico International Airport.


Tampico-Mante Highway minutes inside and outside the country.

Port industries

Located near freedom. North of Altamira to the port in minutes.


Communication with the outside world through roads, highways and railways.

Strategic location

Access to various international trade routes, with high benefits in industrial development with a broad commercial relationship in the area.

Tampico International Airport

Just minutes from the Tampico International Airport with a distance of 21.7 km.


Located on the Tampico-Mante highway, minutes from the main exits to the interior and exterior of the country.

Altamira Port

Located near the intersection of Lib. North of Altamira to the port in minutes with an average distance of 12 km.

Port of Tampico

Access the port of Tampico through the Luis Donaldo Colosio Urban Corridor with a route of 42 km and little traffic.

Port of Veracruz

The Port of Veracruz passing through Tuxpan, at an average distance of 488 km, makes it a strategic route for trade.


Access to roads to the busiest border centers, passing through a city with a high level of commerce in the country such as Monterrey.